Epigenetic study

It offers wellness and adds value to your service.

What is epigenetics?

Epigenetics is a branch of biology that studies the influence of the environment and external conditions (such as nutrition and emotional state) on genes.

How does the epigenetic study work?

The procedure is as follows: we extract four strands of hair with their roots and place them on the oscillator of the S-Drive. Their epigenetic information is digitised and automatically sent via a secure Internet connection to our Digital Information Centre in Hamburg, Germany. After sending, the information is returned in the form of a broad-spectrum study based on the haemodynamics of the hair and its epigenetic information.

The study obtained contains nutritional information relevant to the functional optimisation of the person. It highlights the 5 main categories that need to be addressed and are shown in order of priority, according to what the human body needs in terms of what is imperative to change, what is desirable or what needs to be considered. This includes all nutritional information, microbial opportunism and toxicity situations, as well as sensitivities to certain foods and additives that need to be discontinued. While not a medical diagnostic device, it provides a report of potential biological and nutritional needs that may be hidden under the constant flow of physical and emotional burdens of any modern life cycle.

Epigenetic reports

Welfare optimisation plan

The Wellness Optimisation Programme is designed to help us identify many of those common environmental influences that may be leading to poorer outcomes in gene expression and metabolic function. Nearly 800 key indicators of wellness are mapped and used to create the graphs and tables that make up the full report, with the addition of the new Supporting Markers and Cardiovascular Support Systems. This programme also provides a “90-Day Nutritional Plan” to balance these markers, so that we can optimise through dietary adjustments.

Natural optimisation plan

The Natural Optimisation Programme contains nutritional information relevant to a person’s functional optimisation. It highlights the five main categories that need to be addressed, which are prioritised according to what is a priority to change, what is advisable and what should be considered. This includes nutritional information, situations of microbial opportunism, toxicity, as well as sensitivities to certain foods and additives that need to be discontinued.

Fitness optimisation plan

Your epigenetic fitness and sports optimisation assessment is a system created to improve your personal physical performance by realigning with your environment in order to optimise your mental, emotional and physical capabilities.

Vegan optimisation plan

Metabolism optimisation plan

Performance optimisation plan

Advantages of the service

  • A great added value at your service
  • Positioning in the field of wellness and epigenetics
  • Profits of up to 200% with the realisation of reports
  • Increased product sales
  • Very affordable investment
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Easy to understand and interpret reports
  • Allows you to get to know your patient/client in a much more professional way
  • An easy to use system with minimal training 10. Reports in as little as 15 minutes on key epigenetic influences
  • Programme based on a natural nutritional plan
  • Cutting-edge, focused on the latest science and wellness findings

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Aesthetic centres




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