Collagen with magnesium plus 60 tablets

  • Reduction of osteo-articular pain and inflammation.
  • Repair of cartilage tissue.
  • Strengthens bones.
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Collagen is the essential protein in cartilage, tendons, and connective tissues.
connective tissues. Collagen accounts for 20-30% of the total protein in an adult person.
in an adult person. It is synthesised inside the cells in its simplest form, consisting of three
simplest form, consisting of 3 chains of amino acid building blocks that coil up like a helix.
and give firmness to the tissues.
Magnesium is involved in neural transmission, in the contraction and relaxation of muscles, improves the
and relaxation of muscles, improves tissue oxygen transport and is actively involved in energy metabolism.
actively in energy metabolism. Magnesium helps to maintain youthfulness
youth and reduces the risk of premature ageing. It is necessary for the
metabolism of Ca, P, Na, N and vitamin C, reduces pain, inflammation and oedema.
Manganese synergises the properties of collagen and magnesium.

Presentation: 60 tablets of 700 mg

Dosage: Take 4 tablets a day.

Composition: Hydrolysed collagen, Magnesium carbonate (185mg), L-glycine,
Calcium ascorbate, Manganese gluconate (4.55 mg).
Excipients: Dibasic calcium phosphate, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate.
magnesium stearate.