Echinacea 100 tablets

  • Stimulates the immune system.
  • Inhibits bacterial hyaluronidase enzymes.
  • Produces an elevation in the level of Intecferon.
  • It functions as an anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and antibiotic.
  • It is an antitumoural par excellence.
  • It helps in any type of skin condition.
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Echinacea has immunomodulatory activity and is used in inflammatory processes, prophylaxis and in respiratory infections
in inflammatory processes, in prophylaxis and in infections of the respiratory tract, flus and
Echinacea has also found a place in other conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, headaches, headaches, headaches, headaches, headaches, headaches, headaches, headaches, headaches.
chronic fatigue syndrome, headaches, rheumatism or even attention deficit hyperactivity
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
Laboratory studies have shown that echinacea has numerous effects on immune system cells.
effects on immune system cells by stimulating the production of T-cells and interferon (interferon).
of T-cells and interferon (a protein that stimulates the immune system).
It also stimulates the internalisation of foreign bodies by immune cells to remove them from circulation.
immune cells to remove them from circulation, increasing the ability of immune cells to go to the site of the
immune cells to go to the site of infection.

Pack size: 100 tablets of 500 mg

Dosage: Take 2-3 tablets twice a day.

Composition: 250 mg. Echinacea purpurea, 50 mg. Of Echinacea Ext. (5:1)
equivalent to 250 mg. Of plant. Excipients: Dicalcium phosphate,
inulin, silica and magnesium stearate.