Honey-aloe bath gel 500ml

Shower gel for regular use.
The aloe vera and honey shower gel has soothing, healing and moisturising properties.
moisturising effects provided by the daily use of aloe vera gel and honey.
It naturally helps to reduce wrinkles on your face and body caused by ageing, such as wrinkles
such as forehead lines, crow’s feet and expression lines as it absorbs moisture from the skin.
absorbs moisture from the air, producing more hydration and oxygen into the skin, aiding in the
oxygen in the skin, aiding in cellular rejuvenation and collagen production.
collagen production. This makes the skin stronger and more elastic and in turn has an anti-ageing effect on the skin.
anti-ageing effect on the skin, for daily use. Honey has powerful
powerful moisturising and repairing factors. It protects the skin, preventing it from
and flaking, leaving it smooth, soft and elastic.

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Presentation: 500 ml bottle.

Dosage: Apply a small amount to damp skin using a sponge or similar.
sponge or similar.