Horsetail 100 tablets

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Horsetail” has different functionalities such as diuretic,
due to its richness in potassium salts, flavonoids and saponides, it increases urinary fluid.
urinary fluid. It contributes to the elimination of excess fluids, which leads to substantial weight loss at the onset of the
substantial weight loss at the start of weight loss regimes,
helps to eliminate toxins, which helps to restore the body’s balance and has a favourable effect on the elimination of overweight.
has a favourable influence on the elimination of excess weight. It is therefore recommended both
to remedy fluid retention. As well as for other problems of the
urinary system: kidney stones, urinary tract infections, cystitis, urethritis,
inflammations of the bladder or prostate.
Echisetum strengthens nails and hair. It helps to increase
growth, improving the appearance and correcting weak nails,
nails, keeping them firm, and hair, preventing the appearance of grey hair, due to its silica content, which is
silica, a key component of the connective tissue that forms these parts of the body.
these parts of the body.
This herb is useful for healing injuries and haemorrhages. Its ability to
astringent, shrinking or contracting the tissues, due to its tannins, makes it suitable for healing and
it suitable for healing and closing bleeding wounds, slowing down nosebleeds and healing
nasal haemorrhages and to heal skin ulcers. It is also useful in diarrhoea,
inflammations and enuresis.
It also has the ability to strengthen bones and joints. The health and
recovery of bones and cartilaginous tissues, such as tendons, cartilage and collagen fibres,
cartilage and collagen fibres, depend on a good supply of silica, which is why the echisetum can help to
equisetum can help prevent the loss of bone mass, heal fractures and joint injuries
fractures and joint injuries, in combination with the necessary minerals and treatments prescribed by the doctor.
treatments prescribed by the doctor.
By acting positively on the flexibility of the tendons and vascular walls, the
and vascular walls, echisetum is also a good restorative for sportsmen and women who
sportsmen and women who put their ligaments to the test, such as tennis players, cyclists and runners,
cyclists and runners.

Presentation: 100 tablets of 500 mg.

Dosage: Take 2-3 tablets with main meals.

Composition: 250 mg. Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) 75 mg. Extract
standardised (7% silica) microcrystalline cellulose and