Properties of Valefarma products:

CHIA OIL: Reduces blood pressure, regulates heart rate and cholesterol.

HYALURONIC ACID + COLLAGEN: Hydrated skin, joint mobility, prevents sports injuries. Anti-wrinkle.

GARLIC: Anti-aggregant, lowers cholesterol, circulatory, anti-parasites, lowers blood pressure, bactericidal.

ARTICHOKE: Improves the skin, antacid, slightly laxative.

ALER-SIN: General anti-allergic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory.

RAMIFIED AMINO ACIDS: Protein synthesis, increased energy, increased muscle mass.

ANTINFLAVAL: Anti-inflammatory, osteoarticular.

BLUEBERRY: Reduces urinary tract infections. Improves night vision. Promotes circulation.

BETACAROTENE: Tanning. Sight. Rich in vitamins. Iron.

GREEN COFFEE: Promotes fat absorption, reduces apathy, draining.

CALCIUM + VITAMIN D3: Osteoporosis, growth period, calcium deficiency states.

VEGETAL COAL: binds toxic substances and intestinal gas, eliminates bad breath.

MARIAN THISTLE: Hepatoprotective, eliminates gallstones, natural haemostatic, increases mother’s milk.

SHARK SHARK: Arthritis, arthrosis, osteoporosis, and tumour processes.

CASCARA SAGRADA: Combats constipation.

Raspberry ketones: Decreases appetite, reduces food cravings.

CHITOSAN: Helps reduce cholesterol, absorbs fat in the stomach, constipation, satiating.

CHLORELLA: Detoxifies the body, rich in chlorophyll, antioxidant, cleanses the intestine, improves digestion.

CLA- CARTHAMUS OIL: Reduces body fat mass, appetite regulator.

COENZYME Q10: Produces energy in the cells, vasodilator, circulatory. Sickness. Huntington’s disease and Parkinson’s. Promotes memory.

MARINE COLLAGEN DRINKABLE: Hydrated skin, joint problems. Anti-aging.

HORSE TAIL: Diuretic and depurative, helps to eliminate uric acid in the blood. Remineralising.

COLLAGEN WITH MAGNESIUM PLUS: Nourishes bones, reduces osteorticular pain. Slightly laxative.

CHEWABLE CREATINE: Improves physical performance, increases muscle strength and endurance.

EQUINACEA: Immunostimulant, respiratory infections, flu, colds. Increases energy.

SPIRULINA: Acts against fatigue, provides protein to the diet, eliminates heavy metals.

FUCUS VESICULOSIS: Diuretic. Decreases appetite. Satiating.

GARCINIA CAMBOGIA: Weight control. Obesity. Reduces the desire to ingest sugars.

GARCINIA MANGOSTANA: Helps strengthen the immune system, rich in vitamins and minerals, anti-allergic.

GINGKO BILOBA: Vasodilator. Memory problems. Prevents blood clots.


HEPATOVAL: Regenerator and liver protector.

ISOFLAVONE: Disorders associated with the menopause (dryness, nervousness, irritability, anxiety).

ROYAL JELLY FOR CHILDREN: Fatigue, decay, tiredness. Revitalising.

ROYAL JELLY FORTE: Fatigue, decay, tiredness. Revitalising.

L-CARNITINE CAPSULES: Improves physical performance, slimming diets.

L-CARNITINE VIALS: Improves physical performance, slimming diets.

L-GLUTAMINE: Improves muscle mass, protein synthesis, improves the intestine and nervous system.

SOYBEAN LECITHIN: Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. Lowers cholesterol. Circulatory.

BREWER’S YEAST: Nourishes skin and hair. Rich in Vit B, minerals and amino acids, it favours the intestinal flora.

MACANATUR: Combats impotence and sexual apathy, combats menopausal and post-menopausal symptoms.

EFFERVESCENT MAGNESIUM: Anti-stress, muscle relaxation, fixes calcium and phosphorus in the bones, antacid, slightly laxative.

AFRICAN MANGO: Reduces abdominal fat, feeling of satiety, accelerates metabolism, reduces bad cholesterol levels.

MEMORANDUM: Improves memory problems.

NADH: Improves physical performance and concentration, timetable imbalances. Ideal for jet lag.

OLIVAL: Anti-inflammatory, lowers bad cholesterol, antioxidant.

ONAGRA: Regulates the effects of female hormones on the menstrual cycle.

OMEGA 3 (EPA): Reduces blood pressure, regulates heart rate and cholesterol.

OMEGA 3 6 9: Lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, blood pressure, coagulation.

OMEGA 5: Antioxidant, anticoagulant, anaemia, anti-inflammatory, hypertension.

OMEGA 7: Lubrication of mucous membranes. Improves skin. Peptic ulcer. Sjogren’s syndrome.

PANACEVID 2000: Antioxidant, circulatory, reduces varicose veins, lowers glucose, lowers blood pressure and stimulates the defences.

PANACEVID PLUS: Antioxidant, circulatory, reduces varicose veins, lowers glucose, lowers blood pressure and stimulates the defences.

PROBIOTIC INFANT: Improves and increases intestinal bacterial flora, increases the response of the immune system. Improves digestion, flatulence, acidity and diarrhoea.

PROBIOTIC: Improves and increases intestinal bacterial flora, increases the response of the immune system. Improve digestion, flatulence, acidity and diarrhoea.

PROPOLIS: Increases defences, healing, bactericidal, virucidal, anti-inflammatory.

PROST-VAL: Promotes normal renal, diuretic and prostatic function.

REISHI: Delays degenerative and neuromuscular processes, hormonal imbalances and anxiety.

RESPIRPLANT: Calms coughs, reduces mucus.

TEPEZCOHUITE: Slows hair loss, regenerates, provides nutrients.

URIN-OFF: Controls urinary frequency in men and women.

CAT’S CLAW: Anti-inflammatory, stomach ulcers, colitis, diverticulisis.

VALERIANA: Anxiety, stress, insomnia, muscle spasms and muscular pain.

APPLE VINEGAR: Increase metabolism, constipation, urine and kidney infection, blood pressure, stomach acidity